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Sint Maarten is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with full autonomy of its internal affairs. The role to the Kingdom is limited to Defense and Foreign Relations and Supreme Court Appeals in the Hague. As the smallest landmass peacefully shared between two states, Sint Maarten borders St. Martin, a French Collectivity. The peaceful coexistence between the two sides and open borders creates an additional market for investors. Why service only one market when you can service two?


10 Reasons

  1. Tax Beneficial: Sint Maarten does not impose property taxes, capital gains taxes, goods or services taxes.

  2. With an open economy, Sint Maarten allows investors to establish businesses without mandatory local partners.

  3. An investment in Sint Maarten may allow you legal residency on the island.

  4. Sint Maarten imposes zero customs duties on imported goods, so you can easily bring your car, boat or wine cellar.

  5. Sint Maarten’s investor friendly climate offers various incentives for investors.

  6. Buying and selling of real estate only incurs a 4% Transfer Tax along civil notary fees.

  7. Real estate investments on Sint Maarten retain their value and increase overtime compared to investments in U.S. and European markets.

  8. Sint Maarten’s telecommunication infrastructure, with a fiber optic backbone, will keep you connected to the world. 

  9. Banking centers provide all facilities for offshore investment and banking.

  10. Daily flights to North America, South America and Europe via award winning SXM Airport. SXM Airport offers first class service to commercial and private aircrafts entering Sint Maarten.

Aside from the previously mentioned reasons, Sint Maarten is a naturally striking place for real estate investment. Sint Maarten offers warm weather, the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, sailing and boating options, exciting recreational opportunities, access to regional and international travel, gourmet dining and a unique charm. Sint Maarten is a very attractive place to invest in real estate for many of the obvious reasons mentioned above: the weather, gorgeous Caribbean Sea, sailing/boating, great airport, recreational opportunities, regional and European travel possibilities, gourmet dining, interesting character of the bifurcated nation.

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